About Us
Pueblo Gardens Elementary is part of the Pueblo Gardens Neighborhood. The neighborhood was one of the first subdivisions in Tucson to have its own school, park, and shopping center. It was developed starting in 1947 and the school opened in 1951.

Pueblo Gardens Elementary is a Pre-K to 8th grade school. We are a Title 1 school with a Parent and Child Education (PACE) program for PreK students. Our math program uses Engage New York for continuity throughout all grade levels.  SuccessMaker and IXL intervention software are used from elementary through the 8th grade for all students to support learning gaps and provide rigorous extensions to those students learning at a faster rate than their peers.  All grade levels use the TUSD FOSS kits for science learning.

Our newly constructed middle school building was completed in 2014! In 2013, we were able to create a computer lab for Grades K-8. Grades 1-5 use the computer lab on a daily basis utilizing SuccessMaker as an instructional resource. In addition to the computer lab, we have a C.O.W. cart which consists of laptops for middle school students to use in their classrooms. All of our middle school students are instructed by highly qualified teachers in language arts, math, science, social studies, music and PE. This year a GATE class was offered to 7th and 8th grade students in lieu of PE or music. Our school counselor works closely with 8th grade students in choosing the high school that best fits their needs and academic endeavors.

Our school has a multitude of after school clubs and programs including after school tutoring,  Good News Club, Travel Club, and Bridgebuilders (student council). Middle school students may also participate in interscholastic sports. We compete against other district schools in volleyball, basketball, soccer and track.

We encourage family and community involvement in our school. Many partnerships exist between the school and the community such as with the Boys and Girls Club, CODAC and the Community Food Bank. In collaboration with the Community Food Bank, we have created a community garden which will serve as an instructional resource for the teachers as well as provide freshly grown vegetables for the Community Food Bank.