Welcome to Pueblo Gardens Family Engagement Team. The purpose of the Family Engagement Team is to provide support for the school, staff, families, and students. If you are at all interested in having an active roll in your students education feel free to come join  our meetings. We are always happy to have more members.
Meeting Schedule
Meeting Dates for the 2021 - 2022 School Year

Wednesday, August 11th 
Wednesday, November 10th
Wednesday, January 26th 
Wednesday, March 30th 

Meeting s begin at 2:30pm and are held in PD room/ or ZOOM
(Dates and location are subject to change)
Family engagement Meeting
Sit council Meeting
Family Engagement Team Members
                                                               Bernadette Ojeda- Parent
                                                               Diana Fierro- Parent
                                                               Peggy Martinez- Parent
                                                               Nikieia Johnson- Community Member
                                                               Kacie Bottock- Teacher
                                                               Angela Cisneros- Teacher
                                                               Crystal Schilling- Teacher
                                                               Francisca Maldonado- Teacher
                                                               Yessica Lopez- Classified
                                  Staff Contact:   Michael Konrad- Principal
                                                              Maria Armenta- Classified
                                                              Kristina Rodriguez -Facilitator Members
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