The purpose of A School Site Council (SSC) is group of teachers, parents, administrators, and interested community members who work together to develop and monitor a school's improvement plan. It is a legally required decision-making body for any school receiving federal funds.
Meeting Dates for the 2021-22 School Year

Wednesday, August 11th 
Wednesday, November 10th  
Wednesday, January 26th
Wednesday, March 30th

Meetings begin at 2:30pm  and are held in PD room/ ZOOM
(Dates and location are subject to change)
Site Council
School Site Council Members
                                                               Bernadette Ojeda- Parent
                                                               Diana Fierro- Parent
                                                               Peggy Martinez- Parent
                                                               Nikieia Johnson- Community Member
                                                               Kacie Bottock- Teacher
                                                               Angela Cisneros- Teacher
                                                               Crystal Schilling- Teacher
                                                               Francisca Maldonado- Teacher
                                                               Yessica Lopez- Classified
                                    Staff Contact:  Michael Konrad- Principal
                                                              Maria Armenta- Classified
                                                              Kristina Rodriguez -Facilitator Members
2020-21 School Site Council Agenda
School Site Council Minutes
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